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400 Hours certified Yoga and Meditation professor training on IKY Methodology

About IKY Certified Professorship

Classic Yoga Science Introduced from a Modern and Integral Perspective

Acquire the fundamental Yoga techniques for your development (Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Swara Yoga, Prana Yoga), and become a professional professor of the latter with the best methodology in modern day to learn, practice and teach yoga, which will serve you to facilitate and improve your practice of other yoga styles such as Flow, Jivamukti, Anusara, Kundalini, Kriya, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Acroyoga and others.

The Yoga professor training offers you an integral, complete, practical, rigorous and scientific preparation with IKYU’s own approach routed to your own wellness, personal development and fulfillment as well as your empowerment in the best skills and abilities as an professor of currently one of the most important classical yoga techniques such as Asana physical yoga (postures), Chandra Vinyasa (soft and fluid sequence of postures while dancing) and Surya Vinyasa (dynamic and intense sequence of postures), basic Swara Yoga and Pranayama (science of breathing), Sat Karmas (physical purification techniques), Chakra Shuddi and Prana Shuddi (energetic purification techniques), Yoga Nidra and Prana Yoga Meditation.

The theoretical and practical foundation of our professor training is supported in the academic and scientific structures of Tantra Kundalini Yoga of Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Integral Classic and Modern Yoga of the master José Maureira, adapted through our revolutionary pedagogical model of IKYU.

Our objective is to give you the best and most recent integral and adequate yoga training for the needs of today’s humans, developed from its classic and ancestral foundations with the latest scientific knowledge which supports the utility and effectiveness of a lay yoga and meditation praxis through neuroscience, medicine, physics, science of movement and anthropology.


  1. Acquire deep knowledge of yoga theory and practice from an updated and scientific application.
  2. Comprehend the personal practice of fundamental yoga and meditation techniques.
  3. Develop the necessary skills to transmit the techniques of yoga and meditation as a professor of groups and individuals of different ages and different social, cultural and professional conditions.


IKY core Compass

IKYU Mandala’s Theory Framework

Ishka Prana Yoga

Fire ● Energy’s Yoga

Ishka Vraja Yoga

Water ● Therapeutic and Movement’s Yoga

Ishka Hatha Yoga

Earth ● Physical and Posture’s Yoga

Ishka Swara Yoga

Air ● Breath and Meditation’s Yoga

Become an Integral Yoga Professor

IKY Certified Professor’s Profile

As an Integral Classic and Modern Yoga graduate professor from IKYU you have high skills in the management and teaching of fundamental yoga techniques for the wellness and development of your students, with a scientific, critical, eclectic and humane view.

You will be able to successfully teach yoga classes for individuals, private groups, social groups, companies and organizations of the public and private sector of any nature.

Featured Content

IKY Yoga Practice

Karma Yoga

Selfless actions for the benefit of others
to cultivate the attitude of meditation


Insightful movement techniques based on a somatic learning of oneself through the supports on the floor

Health techniques and Sexual Transcendence

Diverse techniques on maintaining and improving overall health. Comprehension of the sexual encounter as an opportunity to transcend into deeper states of being.

Relaxation Techniques

Meditations, relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidras to cultivate a state of bliss, releasement and enjoyment for life by directing the attention to the body.

Sat Karmas

Yogic techniques of cleansing the body to produce a state of purification through the elimination of the apana (residual energy).

Asanas and Vinyasas – Alignment / Bodily organization

Comfortable and steady bodily postures or sequences of postures that improve overall health and promote mobility to sustain a meditation posture for long periods of time.

Prana Yoga Meditations

Meditations based on the movement of energy through the energetic centers of the body by cultivating the clarity of the intention with visualizations.


The management and control of one’s energy through the breathing.


A bandha is very specific kind of Mudra that seeks to create a lock to contain the energy (prana) in order to direct and regulate its flow to certain parts of the body.


A bodily gesture that generates an energetic effect and produces a psychic state.

Swami Satyananda

Swami Satyananda


Carlos Barrios Maya

Carlos Barrios Maya

Aj Qij

Carlos Holguín

Carlos Holguín

IKYU Academic Director

Liceth Quintero

Liceth Quintero

IKYU Manager and Assistant Professor

Sandra Benaim

Sandra Benaim

Assistant Professor

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