Ishka Project

IKYU is the component of pedagogical transmission and diffusion of tools and means for human development regarding the ISHKA PROJECT and one of its sources of income for the achievement of its social objectives.

ISHKA is a lay project of ultra-human development, without profit-making intention, created as a contribution to the human species evolution and transcendence to higher states of consciousness through integrated, ancestral and contemporary practices, with proven effectiveness by modern science.

The ISHKA PROJECT has been created and promoted by Carlos Holguín in Cali-Colombia, with the support of a valuable and diligent work team in its development with the objective of transmitting learnings, techniques and the most effective as well as affordable practices along with social appropriation in order to steer humanity into the acknowledgment of its best qualities and creative capabilities towards the achievement of everlasting spiritual fulfillment and adequate integration in earth’s ecosystem.

ISHKA PROJECT is sustained by the contribution and donations of the people who empathize with its principles, objectives, means and tools


  • Ethical behavior and social equity
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Environmental awareness
  • Methodological and scientific thoroughness
  • No profit-seeking
  • No dogmatism nor bigotry


  • Collective good
  • Forefront human development
  • Development and expansion of self
  • consciousness
  • Development of human potential towards spiritual fulfillment with respect for the particularities of every person
  • Transmutation of unhealthy values for a harmonious social and ecologic co-existence

Methods & Tools

Anthropologic and scientific knowledge applied to the project’s objectives.

Techniques and exercises of:

  • Neurokinesis
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Health management
  • Vital energy management